Suddenly we were fenced in

Suddenly we were fenced in

Without notice or provocation, we were suddenly the ones being fenced in. No matter how  much we protested, the roles had reversed and the animals looked at us…



We were getting increasingly isolated, sitting alone and passing time without much contact with other human beings.

covering up

Covering up

Everywhere in the city you could see buildings being covered so that they could install whatever equipment they wanted.

The controlroom

The control room

It took us some time but we finally managed to identify the control room from where they exerted their power. When I first glanced at the control room…


The boxes are watching

The government had installed surveillance equipment on all houses, listening to and watching everything we did. We quickly found out that the best place to talk without being…

deep sea

The deep sea

The sea had reclaimed a lot of land, land which we thought was ours forever. Mother nature wins again, we all thought, but it was more than that.

detention center västerås

Detention centers deteriorate

Detention centers used to be all over the place, often disguised as something else. Over time they were used less and less, slowly deteriorating and claimed back by…

line up

Line up

We had to line up for everything. The smallest scrap of food meant standing in line for hours. It didn’t matter what it was, you had to wait…

black tower

The black tower

The black tower was the government’s most secretive of all its secret buildings. What it contained within its dark exterior no one really knew, or no one really…

passive participant

The passive participant

He just stood there. In fact, he had been standing there for a number of hours already. I could see him outside my office window and he didn’t move…