The gate

One of the oldest gates in the city stood as the keeper between our estate and the west end, where most of the more suspicious elements of society…


The enclosure

Whether they were meant for man or beast, these enclosures could be found in the most peaceful parts of the countryside. Their sharp metal structures stood in sharp…


The entrance to the warehouse

The triple entrance to the warehouse was a familiar site for way too many of us. Friends and family had disappeared behind the innocent exterior and few had…


All wired up

It seemed like it was almost overnight that usage of barbed wire soared to levels not seen since the great war.


Surveillance is everywhere

If you can find a spot anymore where there is no surveillance you are lucky. George Orwell was indeed right.



I tried to escape many times, each time with a different and – so I thought – improved plan. Each time I was caught and returned to the…

quiet place

Quiet place

As society was increasingly busy it was rare to find a quiet place to relax.


Industry crumbled

The industry which we had built up over the years, the industry that was the foundation of our society, had started to crumble. Investments were held back, people…

Suddenly we were fenced in

Suddenly we were fenced in

Without notice or provocation, we were suddenly the ones being fenced in. No matter how  much we protested, the roles had reversed and the animals looked at us…



We were getting increasingly isolated, sitting alone and passing time without much contact with other human beings.